Déarbhla Sloan

Communications and Evaluation Specialist

Déarbhla Sloan

Déarbhla keeps us all on track! She’s all about the detail, dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s.

Seriously well-qualified, Déarbhla previously worked ‘on the hill’ as a Policy and Research Officer.

Her systematic approach ensures that she is highly adapt at structuring campaigns, aligning reporting structures and the measurement of all client campaigns.

Dearbhla is also a whizz on social media. She’s a part-time blogger, with her own baking blog, that regularly achieves thousands of views, and there’s a major plus side…we get to sample her creations!

MSc in Public Administration | MSc in Legislation and Practice

😇 FOOD HEAVEN: Pulled Pork Tacos with apple and cabbage slaw

👿 FOOD HELL: Liver

PS – Déarbhla is a super mum! With four kiddies, Déarbhla has a secret side-line in creating imaginative children’s stories!